Couple Meeting with Mortgage AgentAdvantages of a Mortgage Agent

What are the advantages of a Mortgage Agent? A frequently asked question from colleagues, clients, friends and family. Having worked for two major chartered banks over the past 20 years. I’ve seen how the mortgage business works from inside the big banks. Having said that, I know there are a number of differences and many benefits to using an independent mortgage agent. You need to understand the role that an agent plays in getting your mortgage or you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table! Here are several reasons why you should use a mortgage agent

Free to You

As an independent mortgage agent, I operate on commission and I’m paid directly by the lender who ultimately grants your mortgage. That doesn’t mean I go to the lender who pays more and I ignore your particular needs. Quite the contrary! I depend on your personal referrals in order to grow my business. It’s in my best interest to provide mortgage solutions and advice tailored to your personal situation.  All the while, using a mortgage lender that gives you the best mortgage options and interest rates.    

Your Ally

I work for you, representing your interests rather than the interests of a particular lender. I have access to all of the best lenders (big banks, national mortgage lenders, credit unions and trust companies), mortgage options and interest rates in Canada. A mortgage specialist at a bank want to sell you their products, but that’s only one option and it may not be the best choice for you. It can be a daunting task to decide what’s best for your situation and who to deal with. No two people are the same, nor is your mortgage. Even if you’ve already been pre-approved for a mortgage by your financial institution, you don’t have to stop shopping. Second opinions are free. I can review your pre-approval and see if there’s an alternative lending option more suited to your needs.

ExperienceCouple Showing Keys to New Home

I know lending! With my experience in the mortgage industry I’ve witnessed many clients at various stages in their lives. As your life and finances change, I’ll be able to provide you unique strategies, potentially saving you money and minimizing financial stress. When it comes to mortgages, interest rates, and the housing market, I can be your trusted expert, keeping you informed on the latest mortgage and housing trends.

Safeguarding Your Credit Score

Shopping around financial institutions for the best rates can be time-consuming and if they are pulling your credit, this can potentially impact your credit score. Every time a lender checks your credit, the credit bureau companies take notice! Too many inquiries and your credit score could be lowered. I do one credit inquiry, regardless of how many lenders I consider for mortgage financing.


Some of my clients work longs hours. Some have family, after-school sports and errands to run.  Life just gets busy!  How do you manage all that’s going on around you and still find the time to review your mortgage and options available to you? Your time is precious! Why not have someone like myself come to you. Working with a number of lenders, I can quickly provide you a list of lenders that best suit your situation.  Typically I can meet you at your home, your place of business, at a local coffee shop, or even through secured technology services like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.  You can take as much time as you need to ask questions and take the opportunity to develop a real relationship with someone with your best interests at heart. I’ll do the comparison shopping for you, saving you precious time.